Digital Photography Basics

Digital Photography Basics

Learn the techniques of taking great pictures - a two hour class for beginners

The first workshop in the series of becoming a better digital photographer, this workshop teaches you to understand light and control your camera out of full auto.

This two-hour classs on DSLR photography is held regularly in San Diego. It is suitable for digital photographers who may be new to DSLRs or who would like to understand how to take better pictures with their camera. It is a practical class and usually takes place in Balboa park. All camera classes are kept small, with a mximum of ten attendees, though usually fewer, and all DSLRs are welcome. Users of mirrorless or micro 4:3 cameras will also find this class useful.

  • Getting to know your DSLR allows you to use it to its full potential.
  • Setting your camera for different light situations increases the number of successful shots you take.
  • Knowing about the rules of composition will help you take better pictures.

Your camera does not see the world like you do. Taking great pictures involves using your camera’s characteristics to compose and capture images with emotion. This two-hour workshop will teach you to see the world how your camera sees it and shows you how to compose powerful images.

Subjects include:

  • How your camera sees and how it affects your pictures
  • Working with light
  • Composing pictures
  • Choosing a file setting (JPEG quality and size, TIFF, RAW)
  • Safe lens handling
  • Holding your camera
  • Setting vibration reduction (image stabilization)
  • Reviewing your shots
  • Deleting images from your camera
  • Getting to know scene controls and Programmed Auto

Workshop format

This is a two-hour workshop. We will meet in fun locations around San Diego with a range of shooting subjects. Each workshop starts with an explanation of the lesson plan, in which we discuss what we are trying to achieve that day. We will then all work on a number of practical exercises with short breaks for explanation and summaries. At the end of the workshop we will come together to discuss what we have learned. The workshop is based on the contents of Digital SLR eLearning Kit For Dummies with additional exercises and information. Class sizes are small to enhance your learning experience.