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    Workshops for the rest of us

    The manual that comes with your camera is probably excellent. I have read a lot of camera manuals and find them usually to be very complete and accurate. Likewise, there are many excellent web-based digital photography and Photoshop tutorials that tell you almost everything you need to know about the subject, from beginner to advanced level. However, for many people these do not work very well as learning aids. They do not teach at your pace, they often assume an advanced level of knowledge or technical vocabulary, and they just aren't very much fun!

    Live workshops

    If you are a visual or tactile learner (one who learns from seeing or doing) my workshops are for you. In a live workshop you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, to work at a pace that suits you, and to benefit from the experience of everyone else taking the workshop with you.

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you will learn everything in a Mark Holmes Photography workshop to become a better artist - just by showing up, participating with the group, and having fun.

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    Reference materials and videos

    I provide materials for you to take away from each workshop, as well as web-based slideshows and videos. These will help you retain and build on the knowledge you attain in the workshops without overburdening you with reading material.


    Class sizes are small - usually five to seven people - and are developed using professional instructional design methodologies. You will always know what you are trying to achieve and will be able to see the improvements in your images immediately. Each workshop includes a number of practical exercises and there is an online gallery that only you and other classmates can see.

    Supportive and non-competitive

    I believe in non-competition and collaboration within my workshop community. I don't believed in art as a competitive sport and my ego will never be on display demanding that you "watch me". You will become aware and deliberate in the images you create and you will love your art more. It is a journey we will undertake together.

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