Environmental Portraits

Learn how to take Outdoor Portraits

Natural Light Portraits

In this workshop, we will photograph live models in a variety of environments.

Environmental portraits means taking pictures in the open air in a variety of surroundings. It involves harnessing and controlling the natural light around you by proper subject positioning and use of scrims and reflectors. Whether you are a wedding photographer, family portrait photographer, fashion photographer, or simply enjoy taking pictures of people, this workshop series will give you an edge and make your photos "pop".

What is covered?

The Environmental Portraits workshop series covers the following subjects:

  • Learn how to best use available light
  • Shoot in hard and soft light conditions
  • Choosing backgrounds
  • Male, female, and group poses
  • Working with models
  • Metering for varied lighting and skin types
  • Additive and subtractive lighting techniques
  • Using reflectors
  • Setting white balance

What you need to attend

Your camera should be a DSLR camera (or a Micro 4/3 camera) or a fully-adjustable compact digital camera. I recommend a standard lens of 50mm or a zoom lens that captures this range. One more thing....The biggest asset to portrait photography is your winning personality to put your subject at ease and get them to enjoy the shoot. So bring it along with you!

Workshop format

We meet in beautiful and fun locations around San Diego offering a range of background settings. Models will be provided or bring your own along. The workshop starts with an explanation of the lesson plan, in which we cover what we are trying to achieve. We will then all work on a number of practical exercises with short breaks for explanation and summaries. At the end of the workshop, we will come together to discuss what we have learned.

The workshop consists of one  two-hour  session.