Small Product Photography


Mark Holmes is a professional photographer and photography teacher based in San Diego, California. He is the aouthor of Digital SLR Photography For Dummies.

In this workshop, Mark shares knowledge learned in taking product photography shots for HP and other clients.  

The small product photography workshop is a must for all designers and business owners who want to take photos that show off their products to their best advantage in printed brochures and on the Internet.

This digital photography class teaches you how to light your subjects and set your camera to take clear and descriptive pictures that sell. It includes tips on processing files for displaying on the web.



Nelson Photo presents a Mark Holmes Photography workshop:

Small Product Photography - $99 - REGISTER HERE

  • How do you take professional-looking photographs of items such as glassware, jewelry, hardware items, clothing accessories, and art pieces for marketing purposes? 
  • What equipment do you need for product photography to get the best out of your camera?
  • How do you process picture files for display on websites such as Ebay and Craigslist or your own company website?

These questions are answered in this two-hour digital photography class held at Nelson Photo Supplies store in Little Italy. It is suitable for new or experienced digital photographers. Class materials including Mark's teaching notes will be made available as a PDF file to attendees.

  • Taking professional quality photos will increase your sales.
  • Being self-reliant for your product photos will reduce your costs.
  • Lighting your products properly will make them pop out of the page.
  • Showing more detail in your pictures will attract more buyers.
  • Taking sharp pictures with good color will show off your product's features.

If you sell your products through catalogs, brochures, or on the web, you'll know that good photographs are essential for showing off your products in a way that attracts buyers. You need pctures that allow potential customers to see clearly what they will be buying. In order to achieve this, photos need to be well composed, sharply focused, free from camera shake, properly exposed, properly lit, and contain realistic color. It is the aim of this workshop to give you the tools you need to become self-reliant for all your basic product photography needs, so that you can respond quickly when you have a new product to display online or in your next catalog.

Subjects include:

  • Getting familiar with equipment
  • Shooting with strobes and constant lighting
  • Shooting with a tethered camera
  • Lighting your subjects
  • Dealing with shadows
  • Working with glass and reflective subjects
  • Metering your subject
  • Setting exposures manually
  • Exposing high key and low key subjects
  • Obtaining the sharpest images
  • Neutralizing color tints
  • Post-processing tips
  • Processing for websites or Ebay

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