About Us

San Diego Photography Instructor

I am a professional photographer and technical communicator based in San Diego, California. As an author of photography instruction books, my job is to teach technical subjects by breaking them down into easy-to-understand concepts. I am the author of Digital SLR Photography For Dummies - eLearning Kit.

Digital photographer

I changed from film to digital photography as soon as good quality DSLRs became affordable. My computer skills made it a natural choice for my professional product photography work at HP. I used a Nikon DSLR for my portrait business, which led to the privilege of working with Campus Photography International in Japan, Korea, Qatar, and Guam. Although teaching has become almost full time, I still keep an active client list doing business portraits and other types of commercial photography.

Praise for others

In 2004, I started the San Diego Digital SLR Photography Group. This is now a popular meeting place for San Diego photographers with over 700 members. The experience in running that club led me to believe that I could help digital photographers, whether beginners with point-and-shoot cameras, or more experienced DSLR owners. I'm very much indebted to the many people who encouraged me in this direction, which resulted in me creating these digital photography workshops.

Digital Photography Teaching Philosophy

My aim is to give you the tools you need to express your art as an image maker. This is a journey we will undertake together. I have a passion for photography and a talent in technical communication. I know what is required to stand out in the field of professional photography and can share my experiences with you. I care firstly about the people in my workshops and get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing you progressing and discovering your talents.

Get intentional results

I believe that a good photographer is one who can use their camera to produce intentional results. If you know how to get the results you want, rather than simply relying on the automatic settings that the camera manufacturer gives you, your art will be better and more rewarding.

Technically perfect, artistically satisfying

I do not try to force my workshop attendees into one view of how digital images should be created, but I do hope to make you confident with your camera. Whether you like to post-process your camera images on your computer or print straight from the camera is up to you, but I aim to help you create great compositions within your camera that are technically perfect and artistically satisfying.

Fun, supportive, and sound

When you attend one of my workshops it will always be fun, supportive, and based on sound instructional techniques. I want you to be taking pictures, not watching me take pictures, so all my workshops include many practical exercises and are conducted in the beautiful scenery and friendly climate of San Diego County.

Fun DSLR Photography Classes

In only a few years, digital cameras have made it easier to create consistent images and brought increased creativity into the hands of the casual photographer. But, using features beyond the point-and-shoot level can be confusing. My instructor-led workshops are particularly suited for those of us not thrilled by the prospect of having to read a four hundred page camera instruction manual.

Workshops for the rest of us

The manual that comes with your camera is probably excellent. I have read a lot of camera manuals and find them usually to be very complete and accurate. Likewise, there are many excellent web-based digital photography and Photoshop tutorials and classes that tell you almost everything you need to know about the subject, from beginner to advanced level. However, for many people these do not work very well as learning aids. They do not teach at your pace, they often assume an advanced level of knowledge or technical vocabulary, and they just aren't very much fun!

Learn by seeing and doing

If you are a visual or tactile learner (one who learns from seeing or doing) my workshops are for you. In a live workshop you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, to work at a pace that suits you, and to benefit from the experience of everyone else taking the workshop with you.

mark_holmesWhether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you will learn everything in a Mark Holmes Photography workshop to become a better artist - just by showing up, participating with the group, and having fun.