Workshop Reviews

I have included a few reviews from the Web on this page.

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Kellie M. 
I took private lessons from Mark last weekend and I can't say enough good things.  He did a little overview on his kindle to help me understand a little of the written material but then we spent most of the time practicing and shooting.  Mark did a great job of explaining things and his classes are perfect with not too much information as it can get very overwhelming.  I had a different camera than he did and he still was an expert.  I can't wait to take more classes! Highly recommend  for anyone needed to learn about their DSLR.

Yue C. 
Mark has a series of 8 workshops called "DSLR Photography" and I've taken 6 of the workshops in this series. I look forward to completing the last two.  I highly recommend this series for anyone who wants to graduate from using point-and-shoot cameras to DSLRs.  This series is quite comprehensive, covering everything from using that mysterious "M" setting to manually controlling exposure, to using external flash, to learning about different kinds of lenses.  I never had to worry about these things with my point-and-shoot, but when I got my first DSLR, I wanted to learn how to use them to take more creative photos to complement my typical vacation photos.  Through the workshops, Mark has given me the fundamentals to start using my DSLR creatively.  The workshops are hands-on, meaning that you get to practice what is taught in real-time and get instant feedback.  The group sizes are usually small with students who are at the same level so there's a lot of interaction between the students and between the students and Mark.  This makes the learning experience less intimidating.  Mark also gives pretty straightforward and easy to understand answers to questions.  The workshop approach is definitely a more fun way to learn how to use DSLRs than the traditional classroom approach.

Angela L 

I've taken several of Mark's photography workshops as well as some private photography lessons. Compared to other photography classes that I have taken in the past Mark was able to really make me understand the functionality of my camera beyond just the bare basics I had been shown repeatedly from other photography instructors.  He explained things very clearly and showed a lot of patience as he broke down the functionality allowing me to gradually add to my knowledge in a way that I was able to retain the information.  He also offers the biggest variety of class and workshop topics compared to other instructors.  I LOVE how some of his workshops include real models to practice photographing as well. . this was a huge benefit being able to immediately practice what I had learned.  No other photography class I have ever attended has every offered that.  I also like how Mark Holmes offers a very intuitive website.  I'm constantly referencing his articles and workshop forums.  His passion for photography and teaching is reflected in the extra effort he puts forth in class and how he is constantly sharing information with others.  I would recommend his photography workshops to anyone working at any level of photography. 

By SimplyMe 
Fantastic courses. Mark is patient and extremely helpful. His humor he displays make the workshops fun and memorable. If you don't get it, he will try another way to help you understand. He is a great instructor! If you are looking for a great hands-on workshop, taking a course with Mark is HIGHLY recommended!

By Jim 
I recently took a DSLR Photography workshop with Mark and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable learning experience. Mark has an ability to convey without jargon, the information and techniques that are so important for good picture taking. I completed his workshop feeling more enthusiastic about photography and more confident of my ability to take better pictures. I recommend Mark without hesitation!

By Shilpa
Recently had a night photography session with Mark . I must say it was a wonderful experience.I found Mark very helpful , he explains photography in a very easy to understand terms. I was completely satisfied with the level of attention and knowledge I got from this session. Thank you Mark for your time .. would like to attend more workshops in future !

By Suzanne 
Mark was so helpful and patient with all of my questions I had regarding my camera and photography in general. He was very encouraging and it was obvious that he wants people to enjoy photography as much as he does! Would definitely take another class with him! Thanks again Mark! Looking forward to having another class with you! Suzanne :)

By Tierra
I just recently finished a portraiture workshop with Mark and I must say it was well worth it. Not only was it informative but I had so much fun! The information he gives will hep any photographer beginner to experienced. I have already seen an improvement in my photos. Being able to work with real models is a plus especially if that is the type of photography you want to do. The hands on experience is great and for someone like me it really helped me come out of my shell. I definitely plan on doing more workshops with him and even some individual sessions.‎

By Carrie 
I recently had an individual night time session with Mark and it exceed all my expectations. Mark is exceptional at articulating techniques that seem complicated when reading them in a manual or book. He made them seem so simple! He is a gifted teacher and clearly passionate about photography. I would highly recommend him and look forward to his next workshop!‎

By Patsy 
Very informative workshops, he takes the time to really make sure you have gotten the information and techniques down. I learned things about my Nikon I never knew existed or were possible. Highly recommend all of his workshops.‎