INTRO4 - Using Your Flash

Learn how to control the built-in flash or to use an accessory speedlight successfully.

  • Learning to use flash allows you to capture more pictures in low light.
  • Using your flash in bright sunlight can help remove unflattering shadows from portrait subjects.
  • Combining flash with slow shutter speeds allows you to take portraits at night and capture the background scene.
  • Setting your flash manually makes you a creative master of your photography.

Most DSLR cameras have a built-in flash, which can be popped up when you want to use it. Higher end DSLRs often don’t have a built-in flash, because camera manufacturers consider that the professionals who use these cameras would never bother with it. Instead, they would use an external flash or studio strobes.

I this digital photography class, you will learn the principles of TTL and manual flash and how to use built in and  external flashes specifically designed for your camera (called Speedlights by Nikon and Speedlites by Canon).

Subjects include:

  • Deciding when to use flash
  • Understanding flash sync speed
  • Investigating flash range
  • Using your built-in flash
  • Making Flash Exposure Adjustments
  • Locking Flash Exposures
  • Reducing Flash Red-Eye
  • Diffusing Your Flash
  • Using shutter speed to control background brightness
  • Using aperture and ISO to control flash power
  • Using fill flash on sunny days
  • Bouncing flash
  • Dragging the shutter
  • Understanding 1st and 2nd curtain flash
  • Solving Flash Exposure problems

Workshop format

This is a two-hour workshop. We will meet in fun locations around San Diego with a range of shooting subjects. Each workshop starts with an explanation of the lesson plan, in which we discuss what we are trying to achieve that day. We will then all work on a number of practical exercises with short breaks for explanation and summaries. At the end of the workshop we will come together to discuss what we have learned. Class sizes are small to enhance your learning experience.

Event Properties

Event Date 02-29-2020 11:30 am
Event End Date 02-29-2020 1:30 pm
Capacity 8
Individual Price $75.00
Location Museum of Photographic Arts
We are no longer accepting registration for this event