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kia_by_lisa_woods_3Environmental Portraits Workshop (0924 - Ports) took place recently at three locations in San Diego. We had four photographers attending, working with two models. This gave each photographer plenty of model time and allowed for a great exchange of ideas.

Controlling Lighting

The first session was held at Presidio Park above Old Town in San Diego. We learned posing a standard portrait and the difference between a male and female head tilt.

During this session, we learned about taking portraits in hard light and open shade, using spot metering, backlighting, and on-camera flash.

Beach Photography

We held the second session of Environmental Portraits at Torrey Pines beach in late afternoon. The setting sun was gorgeous and we were lucky to hit the beach at low tide, when the the wet sand creates a mirror image of the scene.

We worked through until after sunset and all the photographers captured some really nice swimsuit shots of both models, Bree and Kia, as they posed with their surfboards.

In this session, we learned about using reflectors and scrims for fill and shade. We also practiced off-camera flash and shooting portraits against the sunset. It was a lot of fun!

Working With Models

For the third and final workshop session, the models put on short dresses and heels and we met in Balboa Park. The park is very popular with portrait and wedding photographers as it offers a lot of varied settings and backgrounds.

The photographers were briefed to create a photo shoot of their chosen model. They had to create a formal headshot and then set up some glamour poses around the park. Each had an assistant working with them to hold any reflectors or other equipment. They were to employ "shoot and move" techniques and to engage their model to get them to give their best.

Thanks again for a great class - I really feel that you've given me a tremendous amount of information about environmental portraiture!  (Exactly what you promised in the class syllabus - and even better than that, the opportunity to practice, be critiqued and learn!) - Pam Davis

Mark Holmes says:

This was one of the most fun workshops I have ever given. The small group allowed us to work individually with models and to spend lots of time on particular setups. It was the first time I have worked with models Bree and Kia, but they really worked hard to give us the shots we wanted, even when it was getting pretty cold at the beach! I was very pleased with the sample images that the photographers loaded up to the workshop gallery. I am looking forward to the next time I run this workshop!

photography workshopBree by Pam Davis

Kia by Lisa Woods Bree by Lisa Woods

Kia by Lisa Woods