Hancock Street Cafe

Written by Mark Holmes on .

Today I found a photographic treasure trove in San Diego. My visit to Hancock Street Cafe proved to be very interesting and entertaining.

Alek Mario Waclawski

When we arrived at the Hancock Street Café in San Diego, owner Mario Waclawski was sitting outside by the front door playing keyboard and guitar. He jumped up to greet us in his black chef’s jacket, leading us inside to prepare our lunch. Little did we know that we had just fallen down the rabbit hole into a magical domain where Mario is part ringmaster and part circus clown. The café is a sensory-overload of color, with something to look at in every nook and cranny. I gawked at each item in wonder while Mario kept up a hyperactive stream of stories in an auditory onslaught to match the visual.

I was absolutely delighted to meet such a wonderful San Diego character. Musician, artist, comedian, storyteller, and epic distance walker, Mario has seen and done a lot and has a wonderful positive energy that is worth visiting his café just to soak up. I came away energized by his personality and full from an excellent sandwich.

This is a place well worth visiting with your camera and to hear some of the owner's stories.

See this link for more photos.

It's hard for me to describe what you might be getting into when you vist, but this video might prepare you: