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photo competition

 I started a monthly photo contest.

First monthly photo competition

Nelson Photo Supplies is sponsoring a monthly photo competition on this site beginning now!

I am running a monthly photo competition for Mark Holmes Photography Site members. Competitions are free to enter, but you must be a member of the site to enter.

How to enter

Once you login, go to the Photo Galleries shown on the User Menu. There you will find a category called Competition Entries. Click on the current month's competition photo gallery and upload your image. Your image should interpret the theme of the month. October's theme is GENERATIONS. It's that simple. If you are logged in, here is the gallery.

You can enter up to five images. Images should not have been entered into previous competitions and should have been taken within a year of the competition date. For a full list of rules click here. Come back to the gallery and rate or vote on the images. Although a panel of judges will choose the winner, I'm sure they will be influenced by votes and comments. This competition is about having fun and actually getting to use that camera you paid good money for, so let's not take it too seriously. You can Photoshop or do whatever you want with your image. Putting a cheesy filter on a bad image probably won't make it into a winner, but if you need to do that it's your choice.

What you win

Winning means prizes! Hey, we aren't J. Paul Getty and times are hard, but a $25 Photography Equipment Gift Voucher and a framed 18x12 print of your image is worth entering for. It's members only, guys, so we aren't talking thousands of entries here. If you win, I suppose you can also put "award winning photographer" on your website if you're that kind of person.

What's the catch?

You are so cynical! There's not much of a catch other than you have to be a member of the site, but then you also get to be invited to free group shoots and member-only events. All entries remain your copyright. Watch out for competitions that grab the rights to your image! You also have to go to the store to collect your prize. I am far too cheap and lazy to mail it to you.

What happens to entries?

The winning compettion entry and a few "honorable mentions" will be displayed for a month in Nelson's store on India Street.

Compettion closing date is November 14 2013.