City College Photography Program

Written by Mark Holmes on .

city college

Yesterday, I was taken on a tour of the the photography program facilities at San Diego City College. Tony from Nelson Photo is on the advisory board for the program and helped specify the equipment needs for the labs. He showed me around in the company of lab technician Gerson.

 With 60 new Beseler enlargers in two chemical photo labs, the facility is pretty unique in today's digital world.

Photographers are taught all the techniques of traditional photography along with the latest digital techniques in the very well-equiped digital labs. There are also a number of excellent lighting studios.

It seems that City College is poised to give Brooks Institute a run for its money when it comes to where you will find the best photography degree program on the West Coast. I'm delighted that we have such a great resource for photography skills development in San Diego and I wish City College great success.