Heritage Park

Written by Mark Holmes on .

heritage park

Last Sunday, a group of around 10 photographers met at Old Town Heritage Park in San Diego for some photography and socializing.

It was a beautiful morning and the trees were already in full bloom. We are so lucky to live in such a lovely city, especially when the rest of the country is suffering from such unusually cold weather.

Heritage Park was formed in the 1970s to save some of the unique Victorian buildings that were under threat from developers. Each of the houses and a Jewish Temple were moved from different parts of San Diego to their new home in the park.

As a photographer it's a great place to shoot pictures. There are many views and closeup details to capture. Colors are vibrant throughout the park. The only downside is that each house has a large sign outside it, which is difficult to exclude from shots.

Unfortunately, only the Jewish temple is open to view the interior, which is interesting, but fairly plain. However, the gardens are extremely well-presented and the park is well worth a visit.