Diana lens for DSLR

Written by Mark Holmes on .

Turn your thousand dollar high-tech DSLR into a toy camera with a Diana plastic lens!

Diana lens for DSLRWhen I was 11 years old, I was given a plastic camera. According to the settings it took three kinds of photograph - people's heads, full length shot of two adults with a kid holding hands between them, and mountain ranges. I quickly worked out that you could apply these settings to similar scenes and set off on a school trip to Chester Zoo and Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope in England.

I could hardly wait for the week to pass when my processed film arrived back at the local chemist shop. There were black and white prints of zebra's bottoms, blurred shots of monkeys swinging in cages, and dark metal structures silhouetted against a bright sky. The last few pictures were foggy caused by my opening the camera in the back of the bus to check everything was ok with the film.

Now, thanks to Photojojo, I can re-live those days with a Diana lens for my DSLR. Yes, low saturation, soft surreal blurs, and unpredictable colors can all be mine again for a mere $60. Or maybe I should just buy a Diana camera again for around $40, but then I'd have to wait for the film to be processed!

For people looking for a unique look to their photography, this lens might be a fun addition to your collection.