Digital Photography Techniques


Dealing With a Backlit Subject

At a recent corporate shoot, I had to photograph company employees having fun as they rode down a zip line. Not too difficult, you might think, except the sun was bright and in the wrong direction. I wanted to show the faces of the zip line riders, but of course they were in shadow.

Exposure Quiz Question

Quiz question: I want to shoot a night scene at f/16 ISO 100 with one stop of under-exposure. My camera's meter balances at f/8 ISO 400 with a shutter speed of 30 seconds. What shutter speed do I therefore need to shoot at my desired aperture and ISO?

Adding Vignetting Effect for Emphasis

Adding a vignet involves the lightening or darkening of the edges of a picture to draw the viewer's eye towards the center. Most lenses have a natural vignetting effect as the lens darkens towards the edges and lens correction software can be used to remove it in post-processing.

Post-processing Your Vacation Snaps

With the time for summer vacations upon us, I thought I'd share some of my post-processing workflow. I've found that most landscape pictures can use some help, especially in taking out that milky look that appears in the atmosphere with far off subjects.

What is High Speed Sync Flash?

What is High Speed Sync flash and how do I use it?

Canon and Nikon speedlights, otherwise known as accessory flashes, have the ability to do high speed flash syncronization. Sound complicated? Why do you need it?