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Lightroom 5 Upright Tool

LR5 Upright Tool

The Upright tool in Adobe Lightroom 5 allows you to straighten horizons and correct the perspective in architecture pictures automatically.

 The Upright tool is located in the Lens Corrections panel on the Lightroom 5 Develop tab.

Select Basic in the Lens Correction panel to view the Upright correction options:

First, check Enable Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Aberrations. This removes some of the distortion associated with your lens and also allows the Upright tool to provide better calculation.

I prefer to check Constrain Crop in most cases, as this removes the space left around the image when the tool makes its corrections. It’s a good idea to shoot wider than you normally would when taking pictures of buildings as some of the detail can become cropped out while making adjustments. Instead of shooting with a wider lens, step back to get the composition you need.

Select Level to level the horizon in your image. That’s all there is to it! This is very useful and quick for landscapes.

Other options are described below based on this uncorrected image shown at the top of this page.

Select Vertical to correct the vertical perspective. The image below results:

Select Full to adjust both vertical and horizontal perspective. The image below results:

It may not always be desirable to use the full option, especially where there are people in the picture. You may be able to see that some of the people to the right side of the image above have suddenly become very fat.

To achieve a balance between correcting the image and natural results, select the Auto option. The image below results: